Site Currently Under Construction

In the past, I've used this domain mainly for hobby projects. After years of tinkering, I'm finally ready to make this more than just a hobby. I have acquired a new server and am in the process of setting up an account with TCAdmin so that I can begin offering game servers. I still plan on providing a review and discussion of game streamers, as well as reviews and tutorials for various games, but it's the servers themselves that I see as what will make this project economically viable and make it more than just a money-pit.

Current Status

Last updated April 12th, 2020

I have managed to get about a half-dozen game servers running. I consider all of this to be in a sort of "testing" mode right now but they're playable. Right now I'm working on branding and social media stuff, and building out the rest of the site's pages. My biggest decision now is whether or not this site will be just for video games or if it should also include board games and rpg games. Still undecided.

April 2nd, 2020

The new server has been provisioned and all software updates installed. My application for a free trial of TCAdmin software is currently under review. I don't expect any surprises so I should be able to get the first test servers set up this weekend.